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I’d Live There: College Edition

I know this is a lot like last week’s “I’d Live There” – a giant Victorian house in a neighborhood of giant beautiful houses in an area that is served by transit, that is walkable, and is near a cute and vibrant commercial center.  But to be fair: wouldn’t you want to live in a place like that? This house is in Shadyside, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh. I went to Carnegie Mellon, and would walk past this house on my way to J Crew and Pamela’s (unmissable pancakes) and house parties and bars and any other excuse I found to go to Walnut Street, a cute little commercial district about a five minute walk past this house.

The next few weeks I’m going to pull my “I’d live there” features from places I’ve lived (listed in the heading at the top of the blog).  So it’ll be from the heart.

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I’d Live There

Right next to Lake Park...

I’ve loved this house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for years.  Its on the East Side of the city, right near a Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park and near Newbury Street, recently named on of America’s great streets by the American Planning Association.  I particularly love the external staircase on the right-hand side and the pitched roof that must make the third floor seem incredibly spacious.  And I love the variety of windows.

There are a ton of beautiful houses in this neighborhood, but this one has always been my favorite.

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