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I’d eat there.

This is a departure from our occasional Friday feature, “I’d live there,” but the spirit is the same.  If you’re a regular reader (just kidding! We don’t have any!) you may have read my review of other components of the Barbican arts complex. But the thing that I absolutely, unequivocally loved was the Barbican Foodhall, an award-winning space that has impressively made the most of an ugly, 60s-era space and turned it into something modern and beautiful.

My favoritest favorite thing was the lighting:

Image courtesy eat&travel.  Whoever writes that blog is clearly someone I should be friends with.

I loved the sleek lines and open feel:

And I was totally impressed by the way they used the original Brutalist architecture and made it an asset.

While I only had a pre-made egg sandwich and a lemonade, I would happily eat there again. It was an amazing space.

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