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Traffic in Amsterdam

This is a post from my other blog, Snacks and Adventure, about my experience as a cyclist in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

snacks & adventure

I was in Amsterdam for the first time a few weeks ago, and I was seriously blown away by the city.  In addition to the brown cafes, which were everywhere and were so brimming with local character, and the food, which was delicious, the city had all sorts of distinctive characteristics that made it feel unique (when I was in Strasbourg, everything apart from the cathedral felt like “Generic European City.” Amsterdam felt like Amsterdam.)

As an urban planner, the first thing I noticed was the cycling infrastructure, and the people using it. It was on a scale I’d never seen before.  A friend who went to Amsterdam earlier this year complained that, actually, there were so many bikes that people on feet suffered – and I’m inclined to agree.  It was not a walker’s paradise.

The space reserved for cycles was unlike anything I’d ever seen.  There were cycle…

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Mid-week Procrastination (you’re welcome!)

There are so many great videos of cities – I’m particularly into tilt-shift videos, where everything looks miniature – so I thought I’d compile a few here.  I’m hardly the first to do so; The Urbanophile did a city video compilation post earlier this year that I spent the better portion of the morning watching…

But there are always more, and here are a few that he missed:

And finally, this isn’t a city video, but it makes incredible use of Google Street View and is also a good way to waste a couple minutes:

I’m always looking for good city videos, so please let me know what I missed.

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