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Walkability in our Home Town

Yesterday, I absent-mindedly clicked on a link leading me to a list of 9 communities named “Walk Friendly Communities” by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC).  I was pleasantly surprised to find our own small home town suburb making the cut!  The designation is given to communities that have actively demonstrated their devotion to walkability through policies, plans, and programs.

Shorewood in part makes the cut due to their snow removal enforcement.  Growing up, I always thought this policy was universal – Don’t shovel your side walk and receive a fine.  Though many cities have this bylaw, Shorewood seems to be a rarity in that it is committed to enforcing it.

Three cheers for Shorewood!  And if you’re in the area, be sure to check out Doors Open Milwaukee Sept 22 and 23rd.


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Alterra is the awesomest

Alterra is a local coffee roaster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It is the best.

The photo below shows the arm of one of Alterra’s barristas in December (the Shorewood branch).

As a bonus, she was really cool when I blurted out, “can I take a picture of your tattoo?”

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