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Urban America’s Renaissance?

Nothing makes a geographer more excited than the release of new census data.  If you’re a nerd like me, you’ve most likely read by now about the resurgence of urban america from the latest US Census:

The Census Bureau also recently reported that America’s urban population increased by 12.1 percent from 2000 to 2010, faster than the nation’s overall growth rate of 9.7 percent. The exurban tide may be receding.

Outer suburbs (or the exurbs) have ground to a standstill, with only 0.4% growth.(NY Times).  Cool.  Good stuff.

Of course, this has more to do with the mortgage crisis and financial woes of the US of A than any sort of dramatic shift in thinking.  In my opinion, those heralding this as some sort of end of an era/beginning of a new era of “smart growth” are deluding themselves.  I hope I’m wrong,  but I don’t see whats to start the exurban building once the economy picks back up.  Maybe this is a trigger that will start a shift.

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