Bikes are sexy, y’all

I was in Banana Republic last week on Newbury Street in Boston – and they had a vintage-looking bike as part of their decor.  I was thrilled.  I love the idea that cruiser cycles have so thoroughly entered the mainstream that they are now part of the decor of yuppie clothing chains.  For some reason, this warmed my heart even more than last year, when Crate and Barrel (the doyen of yuppie furniture and homegoods shops) ran a sweepstakes for a big cruiser bike like this.

But seriously. Just try and ride that bike in that skirt.  Someone didn’t think that one through.

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2 thoughts on “Bikes are sexy, y’all

  1. Maksymilian Kapelański says:

    You will probably agree that products (and, more subtly, concepts) continually move across social strata, acquiring new meanings in different contexts. Some groups will mourn this as a kind of “death” of the original meaning, other groups will celebrate it as a final “coming into its own” of their own new meaning regarding that same product.

    • Sure. But in this case, I think it means that sustainable transport has acquired a new cache. A greater number and variety of cyclists will only benefit the cycling community, who already have means of distinguishing themselves from each other (i.e. cruisers versus fixed-gear bikes). I don’t mourn the passing of cycling as an extreme sport, and I don’t feel for people who do. I’m excited that cycling is becoming something with universal appeal. The fact that pop culture bannermen like Gap Inc not see an “Amsterdamized” version of the urban space as desirable is something to celebrate.

      I’m not particularly interested in what it means on a more meta level; I’m just excited about it.

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